NextGen Lightbox


A Versatile, intuitive & responsive Lightbox Plugin

ModuloBox is a modular lightbox plugin, which allows you to create responsive slideshow in a popup.
Built with plain JavaScript, it offers best performances and advanced features to show off your media.

Powerful & advanced functionalities!

ModuloBox is the only one lightbox to gather all these possibilities in one unique plugin.
Built on top of the latest technologies, ModuloBox is smooth and performant!

HTML5/Embed Videos

Create responsive galleries of HTML5 videos (compatible with Mediaelement.js) or embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Wistia.

IFRAME content

Easily display external websites from a simple url. You can display a Google Map or full page from an external website for example or anything else.

HTML Content

Display inline content from any kind of HTML markup. Custom HTML content extends possibilities and can be used as modal to display a form for example.

Multiple Galleries

ModuloBox can handle several galleries in a page and single media at the same time. There isn't any limitation on the number of media in a gallery.

Thumbnails Navigation

Quickly navigate in your galleries thanks to thumbnails on click/tap. Thumbnails slider supports 2 navigation types: basic and centered.

Touch Gestures

Supported gestures: drag/swipe to navigate through items, pinch to zoom in/out, double-tap to zoom, drag to close, pinch to close, tap to toggle controls.

Fully Responsive

ModuloBox is fully responsive and will display your images, videos, iframes in the right size on any browser size and mobile device.

Smart Loading

Fully optimized regarding loading performances, only images and thumbnails in the browser window viewport are loaded and displayed.

Smooth Animation

ModuloBox uses last JavaScript techniques and APIs (requestAnimationFrame) in order to obtain smooth animations at 60fps on any device.

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