The Grid – Wordpress Grid Plugin

The grid is a Wordpress grid plugin developed by professional coders and designers. We spent several months to produce the highest quality product.

We especially took care about the loading speed performance by optimizing the queries and we also creating a custom and lightweight jQuery script.

Possibilities are really infinite and the combinations will offer to you the perfect way to display and show off your articles, portfolio, products or any other custom post types.

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Multiple Usernames/Hastags, User Header
3 days ago

Dinner in The Quarter this week with the good folks of and . Calabrese Salami with tender octopus and a bright...

4 days ago

Once a year I like to make myself completely sick on candy corn and that day is fast approaching. Mmmkay?...

6 days ago

It is eight degrees less than a million degrees today in New Orleans so we all have our freshest sweaters on. 📷: .

7 days ago

If you've been on Facebook at all today, you understand my urgency in making these comfort cookies. Milk Chocolate Cookies and Cream...

1 week ago

Couldn't sleep so I went for the only reasonable thing....

1 week ago

Friends! 🎀 It’s time for a GIVEAWAY! We’re giving away this sweet 5-qt stand mixer to one lucky baker! In honor of...

2 weeks ago

Working on a peachy-pink, speckled paper flower poinsettia tutorial for you! I've been thinking about my Christmas tree since August so ...

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